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There are numerous details involved with the planning of a Wedding. During this hectic time, couples often overlook assigning an appropriate length of time for their photography coverage. Allotting photography coverage times for each part of the day plays an important role in how your day will unfold.  As an experienced photographer, I like to separate my day into 7 sections:  bride, groom, ceremony, family portraits, wedding party, newlyweds and reception. 

The Bride Location:  Ideally we would have 2 hours with the bride at her desired location before the wedding.  We prefer to start with detail shots of the dress, shoes, jewelry, bouquets, etc. which would lead into getting ready shots of the Bride with her bridesmaids.  Once everyone is pampered, primped and ready, our direction leads us to formal family portraits and bridesmaid shots including both traditional and funs shots.  We would end our photography coverage by capturing some stunning shots of the Bride herself.

The Groom Location:  Most think it’s not required but 1.5hrs of coverage is best.  The arrival at the Groom’s location begins with fine detail shots of rings, cufflinks, watches, etc. and follows through with candid shots of the Groom with his groomsmen as they joke, dress and on occasion toast the groom.  Once polished and suited up, traditional posed shots with mom and dad, fun shots with the guys and shots of the Groom himself.

The Ceremony:  Ceremony photography coverage depends on the length of the ceremony. We like to arrive approximately 30-45 minutes prior to the ceremony.  It allows time for detail shots of decor and candid shots of the guests arriving.  The length of time of the ceremony varies from wedding to wedding; we would document the ceremony by taking a candid approach.  Once the ceremony ends and if time permits, it is always nice when the couple allots 15-20 minutes to mingle with their guests. This gives us a great opportunity to document true emotions as the guests congratulate the newlyweds.

Family Portraits:  Recommended photography coverage time for Family Portraits is between 20 minutes – 1 hour.  We like to ask the couple to prepare a list of family portraits they would like to have taken during this time.  We then review the list together and rearrange the order and discuss location.  For example, we don’t want elderly grandparents or small children to be waiting around or walking far distances to the desired location.  With the list in hand and a chosen family member to assist with names and gathering of guests, we can realistically advise you of how much time will be required.  In the past, you may have been involved in some family portraits at another wedding and you might have come across some disorganization and stress.  We strive to make this part of your day go as smoothly and stress free as possible.

The Wedding Party:  This time frame also depends on the size of your Wedding Party.  A wedding party of 20 will take longer to set up then a party of 6, so your expectations will have to be realistic in terms of how many poses you will have with them.  On average I recommend spending about 30-45 minutes with the wedding party, this would include a couple of traditional poses and a bunch of fun and candid shots.

The Newlyweds:  I love to dedicate a solid hour of photo coverage alone with the newlyweds.  This would give us time to cover the grounds of the park and or location you have chosen and take a variety of shots, some traditional, but a lot of fun, playful and romantic.  It allows us, the photographers, to be more creative and artistic.

The Reception:  Many couples argue the benefits of having their wedding photographer present during the reception.  Numerous hours of planning and thought are put into the dinner and reception portion of your wedding day.  With this said, I love being able to document the evening by capturing guests mingling, champagne being poured, crazy dances, outlandish speeches, entertainment, jokes and above all sincere emotions of family and friends on this special day.  By 11pm, we have had the opportunity to capture cutting the cake, first dances, garter toss and the bouquet throw to complete your storybook wedding.

With all of that said, some couples prefer to take a more candid approach and do not want too much focus on the photography itself.  Please know that whether you allot our recommended times or decide to go with the flow, we never compromise our skills and professional service. 


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