The Backup Plan

Rain, rain go away, come back another day!  I now understand the child’s verse, it was created for outdoor weddings and pictures, lol!

An enormous amount of time and effort are put into creating a couple’s perfect wedding day. Preparation and location are a key factor when a wedding schedule is put into action.  One of the dreadful mishaps that sometimes like to creep up on us is mother nature.  As a photographer, I have seen my share of thunderstorms and showers on a couple’s perfectly planned out day.  I also have a knack for quick thinking and I always make sure that I have scoped the location out first so when our beautiful mother nature creeps up, the couple need not worry, my backup plan is put into motion.

The backup plan is to make sure that everything scheduled for outdoors, has a time and place in case of weather problems.  I feel an important part of hiring and deciding on a photographer for your wedding is to thoroughly understand their position.  For example, during your final meeting or discussion before the wedding, your photographer should ask you if you have chosen alternative locations for your outdoor ceremony and/or pictures.  This shows a level of skill, experience and dedication to your special day.  And the wonderful thing is that your fabulous photographer (me) will be able to suggest other incredible locations and ideas with informative information to pass on to your venue.

It’s important to remember that whether you feel confident or decide to pray a lot, mother nature will choose her mood that day.  This should not derail your vision or theme.  There are so many different places that would welcome a newly married couple to use their facility for an hour or two.  Think outside the box, a condo lobby, underground subway, piano bar, a farmhouse, museums, university campuses, conservatories (some really interesting places have opened in the last few years) and last but not least a friend who with a mansion (it’s a long shot but worth a try lol). Ensure you have prescheduled and make the facility aware it’s only backup as they might require a nominal fee.  Well worth it to keep your well planned out day moving and flawless.

Enjoy your day and never fear mother nature.  Thought it would be fitting to view some pics from interesting backup plans from past couples.


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